Internet Freedom Day

One year ago we defeated SOPA.
Today, celebrate your freedom of expression.
January 18th is #InternetFreedomDay

What's something you love on the net that you’d never want to see censored?

Here’s a list of things you can do right now to continue the fight for an open, accessible, and awesome Internet.

Actions to take on January 18th:

Events to Attend on January 18th:

Internet Freedom Day Blog Posts and More:

Today only: Free Download

On Internet Freedom

A love song to the First Amendment and the Internet

The real heroes of the SOPA/PIPA tussle were the millions of people who took action. Without posts, tweets, emails, and calls from millions of people on January 18, the bills would have passed, despite everyone else’s efforts. In short, the hero of this story is the same person Time magazine honored in 2006 and 2011—you, or the political protestor.
Marvin Ammori
On Internet Freedom Download Here

After 1/18, copies of On Internet Freedom will be available for download for $5, with proceeds benefiting Demand Progress and Fight for the Future.

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We need every advocate for free speech and digital privacy to stay informed about opportunities and threats to the open Internet. Get involved: join a mailing list, sign a petition, follow these groups on Twitter and social media, donate money, volunteer your time, and help spread the word to your friends.

These organizations work year round to protect the internet. You know what to do.